Arroz en Lavoe arroz y mar

Much more than rice

The culinary culture of the Comunitat Valenciana is one of the reasons that attracts thousands of visitors from outside Spain.

Visiting the City of Valencia and its province always has a mandatory stop: enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

For centuries, each of the regions, the populations that make up this land has managed to create a richness and variety of dishes with our varied ingredients from the garden or the sea. Of course, there is a component that we could call “star” in our cuisine is rice.

It is so much the quantity, quality and variety of dishes that go from the traditional Paella Valenciana to the black rice, going through the rice with lobster, the baked rice and so many others …

Whether dry or overcooked, more from the garden or the sea. Enjoying our rice is almost a ritual of passing through Valencia.

Because rice is more than rice, it is the expression of a millenary culture.

Digital Team Lavoe.