Towards the perfect rice

In the heart of the city of valencia Tony Boix offers a proposal that express with clarity the most genuine flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine.

The rice and the sea finds in LAVOE its maximum expression.

Toni Boix


All begins with the fire, where are fused the individual and collective histories. 

In Lavoe we depart from the tradition to initiate a creative process towards the pursuit of the perfect paella 

“The mission of the art doesn’t is to copy to the nature, it’s to express it”


We like to express the mediterranean.

We build the message with the linguistic elements that the gastronomy gives us.

Relating densities, times, flavors, chords, … smells and colors, textures, measures and processes.

On a common canvas: The rice.

From this dialogue rises a sincere cuisine, emotional, That gives priority to the quality before the artifices.

The result of a creative process to reach the perfect rice.

Lavoe producto Tomate

Lavoe producto Judías

Lavoe producto Romero

Lavoe producto Gambas

In LAVOE we have the best constituents from our orchards, markets and ports. Feedstock and landscape which that begin to dream.


We design our rices as an ecosystem, a elaborated magma with naturals backgrounds, 

That every element joins and expresses and adds its qualities to the rest.

The merge of ideas, skills and cultures, his thousand forms of expression, of boiling, of textures developed by Toni Boix lead us to living through the experience of a trip for the flavors without losing the root and the passion of the traditional gastronomy.

Toni Boix

“Lavoe is not a restaurant, it’s another thing, is a kind of gastronomic society because the love for the rice and the product are absolut”.Tony Boix

The chef Tony Boix continues the trip that he began when he was a kid observing the elaboration of the rice in the paellas that his father made.

Form that moment, in continuous vital and gastronomic search he has travelled the places  where the better rice is cooked to incorporate the experience into his natural talent for the cuisine.

toni boix Lavoe chef